SETICS helps achieving 100% ftth coverage in the Auvergne Region thanks to design automation

Setics’ consultants designed a detailed plan aiming at creating a technical and financial modeling of the remaining areas to be deployed in the Auvergne region (Département) to achieve 100% Fiber To The Home coverage.

The plan also needed to exclude the dense areas where FTTH is deployed by commercial operators.

The mission aimed at extending the original scope that was already under construction and was carried out in six months.

The Auvergne region has 1,36 million inhabitants and is a rather rural and mountainous region.

The Auvergne region
Zoom on the area designed by Setics Sttar
premises spread over the territory

The plan focused on creating an extra number of 140,000 premises spread over the territory. These premises were modeled with the 390,000 existingor already planned into a single coherent project. The network model was developed in a few weeks using the Setics Sttar design automation software.

27 OLTs and 261 FDTs were designed with their service areas and integrated into a project already containing 143 OLTs and 1,308 FDTs.

Complete FTTH network designed by Setics Sttar, brownfield approach