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Design Automation with Setics Sttar allows not only for the rapid evaluation of design costs while modeling the network in great detail, but now also empowers network planners to work on the detailed design for preparing the build phase of the network.

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Are you involved in FTTH / FTTx Projects ?

Created by Telecoms Experts, Setics Sttar is a "must have" for those who plan and deploy Optical Fiber Networks.

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Setics Sttar dramatically ease FTTx network physical design

If designing a FTTx Network is somewhat cumbersome for you, be it in early budget planning or in detailed design, Sttar is really for you.

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Design Automation for FTTx Networks

Generation of the design including network layout and detailed list of cables.

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ftth network planning Setics Sttar telco

Telecom Operators, financing a FTTx network infrastructure represents hundreds of millions of Euros of investment, building it is a challenge given the complexity of deploying a physical network all the way to the subscribers premises. 

See how Setics Sttar allows you to control and optimize your investment...

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ftth network design Setics Sttar engineering firms
Engineering Firms, Civil work Contractors

Infrastructure Builders, Civil Work Firms, Setics Sttar allows you to be more effective in your answers to RFPs and more efficient on the ground in the deployment studies...

Engineering Offices, Setics Sttar allows you to free your teams from tedious tasks and unleash their true added value...

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fttx network planning Setics Sttar municipalities
Consulting Firms, Municipalities

Consulting Firms, Setics Sttar allows you to free your teams from tedious tasks and express your value by producing more complete, accurate and high-quality studies...

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Regional Authorities, Municipalities involved in the implementation of high speed broadband in less dense residential areas, Setics Sttar helps you in planning your FTTH projects...

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