Setics and Setics Sttar


Created in 2000, Setics is one of the leading independent French consulting firm dedicated to digital infrastructures and telecommunications. Our missions for our Clients and Partners are focussing on the following fields:

  • Develop strategic insights on the market by accumulating experience throughout our different missions and by carrying out technological and regulatory watch.
  • Provide assistance in telecommunications projects, by offering high added value consulting.
  • Elaborate strategic plans and roadmaps, based on techno-economic analysis.
  • Develop and distribute software products, dedicaced to ultra-fast broadband networks.

Our engineers use innovative methodologies and tools some of them designed by Setics. This is how the Setics Sttar software came to life, first as a tool to help consultants do their work. Setics Sttar has been used for 4 years by Setics engineers on FTTH missions and is sold as an off-the-shelf product since 2012.

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