Sttar Batch / Sttar API

Sttar Batch : Sttar in command line mode

This version of Sttar stripped from its GUI interface, allows to chain batch processing, based on the implementation of scripts.

Setics Sttar Batch is used to industrialize repetitive processes.

Image : Setics Sttar Batch projects launcher

Sttar API : Setics Sttar Programing Interface

This programing interface, allows to integrate Setics Sttar as a program within another software. This is for example the case of integration with Physical Network Inventory Managers (PNI).

In practice, the available API allows to develop new applications or to extend the capabilities of any .NET or C/C++ software, by allowing the programmatic creation of a Setics Sttar configuration that can then be executed by the Setics Sttar Batch engine.

As an integration example, we have developed an integration with the Quantum GIS software as well as a simple web front-end application, hosted in the Microsoft AZURE environment.

This functionality allows for example:

  • Operators to develop and integrate simplified interface to Setics Sttar for their production environment,
  • To develop configuration assistants upstream of the Setics Sttar execution,
  • To integrate Setics Sttar within web applications that would require Setics Sttar functionalities.


Image: Example of web front-end to pilot Setics Sttar