Designing larger and more complex networks

In brief

  • Ginsao is a large consultancy firm based in France
  • It uses Setics Sttar to create FTTH designs for the whole of France
  • Thanks to the software it is easy to integrate the Grace THD rule-set

Which challenges did your organization face concerning FTTx planning and design?

Ginsao Consulting has a lot of experience with the creation of FTTH network designs. In the past, we focused on small projects, and network design was done manually.

A few years ago the French government decided to deploy a countrywide FTTH network. To be able to cope with this opportunity, we needed an automation tool. We have great GIS skills, so we were confident we would be able to take this leap forward.

We had two choices. Or we create a tool of our own Or we look for a proven existing tool.  We chose the latter, as our core competence is not creating software, but to create fiber optic network designs.

How did you get to know Setics Sttar?

Before buying a software such as Setics Sttar, we needed to have total trust in this new tool, as we wanted to tackle larger projects. And we required excellent support.

We met Comsof in the north of France some years ago. They presented their tool, honestly and clearly. The demo was easy and straightforward, which gave us trust. Then we tested the software on our own projects. And the third aspect was the matter of pricing.

Knowing all factors, we were convinced. And we decided to start this new adventure with Setics Sttar.

How did Setics Sttar help in solving you challenges?

The software allowed us to standardize our designs. They are consistent. We design quickly and efficiently, which is our first priority. As a bonus, we were able to digitize other processes to go into more detail.

Can you quantify the added value of Setics Sttar?

With Setics Sttar we estimated to save half of our design time. And reduce costs by 30 percent.  The result was above expectations.  The software works great, and it is powerful.

“We estimated to save 50% of our design time. And reduce costs by 30%.  The result was above expectations.”
Sylvain Ginestes

When the French government launched its plans for full FTTH coverage in the country, it introduced the Grace THD standard for FTTH networks. Thanks to the time savings in the design process, we had time to tackle this issue and create low level designs which correspond with this complex requirement.

In conclusion

It has been a great adventure. We were able to realize the biggest FTTH network designs in France. Thanks to both our skilled team and Setics Sttar. We hope this is only the start of an even bigger adventure.