Setics Sttar Services


Setics assists you in your projects by providing you with a team of Sttar-certified consultants users. Some of these services may be made by certified partners themselves.

The following services are available:

Service Contents
Maintenance & Support Setics Sttar license includes Maintenance & Support Services.
Projects Services Setics Sttar has a Professional Services team that can collaborate on your projects by providing assistance in the use of Sttar software
Setics can also provide a real service office treating your whole project.
Data Services  The precision of the results provided by Sttar is directly dependent on the quality of input data. 
Setics has developed different methods to improve the accuracy of data, based on the combination of different sources of information. 
This expertise can be implemented by Setics consultants.

Setics offers Sttar training sessions.

Some partners offer project manager training including the use of Sttar software.



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Setics offers a wide range of services and adapts its services to the needs of its customers.

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