Integrating automation delivers outstanding benefits
in the planning and designing of FTTX networks.

Setics sustains a high-level of investments to market end-to-end automation solutions
and continuously improves Sttar’s scalability, accuracy and versatility.


Telecom focused

Experts recognize Setics as a telecom infrastructure specialist, seeing that we are working and helping actors in the industry since over 20 years. Our services go from strategic advisory to network design, with clients in over 30 countries and more than 500 references. The rising demand for network design optimization and our experience in the field led us to create our own design automation software “Sttar”, that draws on the most advanced mathematical modeling, with a continued focus on the practicalities of telecoms.

Human + AI

Designing an FTTx network requires a broad range of competences and experiences. We believe automation complements human skills, taking on the most tedious work and freeing the most valuable asset of human resources in order to concentrate tasks that are most beneficial to the business.


End-to-end automation

Providing the best possible automation is not just about using the best algorithms. It is also about making the most of existing data. In other words, we see automation as an end-to-end process, from data acquisition and treatment, all the way to the production of documentation and uploading data into network management systems.

We use our software ourselves

Setics engages in both large and sometimes complex roll-outs of FTTx fiber networks in various capacities. This not only includes assisting owners, creating audits for financial institutions but also, as an engineering office, designing fiber networks. Our internal expert teams rely on the Setics Sttar design automation software to assist in leading these FTTx network projects, therefore ensuring the software evolves and is tied to the needs of the end users.