Benefits of using a FTTH network design tool


Using Setics Sttar provides many benefits that result in a decrease in the average cost of deployed FTTH homes passed.

Observed gains are typically in the range of 30% to 60% in the study part and over 30% of the entire cost of deployed homes passed.

Setics Sttar benefits


Gains are direct on the design stages and indirect on the network construction phases.

Gains type Benefits provided by Sttar
Direct gains on the design part of the network
  • Reducing the time required for a study
  • Improving the quality and consistency of studies
Indirect gains on the construction part of the network
  • Better quality studies
  • Review of several scenarios to choose the best
  • Better control of work hazards
  • Better use of financial resources by prioritizing homes passed deployments
  • Minimizing the construction of costly infrastructure
  • Greater reuse of existing infrastructure
  • Compliance with engineering rules



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