FTTx / FTTH Network Design


Setics Sttar allows different types of studies based on data input and precision, at every stage of the network design process.

FTTx Network design process of Setics Sttar

Preliminary Studies

Preliminary studies (sometime refered as "Strategic Network Planning") aim at providing a first assessment and preliminary business-plan of an optical fiber network deployment project. The objective is to:

  • Build a business plan in preparation of internal budgets or for submission to financial institutions.
  • Assess the relative attractiveness and economic value of some areas compared to others.
  • Quickly determine the zoning of deployment and location of the main elements of the network.

High-level network planning

High-level studies aims to give the most accurate estimate to build the network without incurring significant costs in particular with regards to data collection on field. The objective is to:

  • Integrate existing infrastructure (pipes, ducts, etc.).
  • Specify engineering rules to be used.
  • Use more precise geographic data and more accurate costing information.

Detailed network planning

The detailed network planning studies are the final step before the construction phase of the network. In this type of study, the highest possible precision before the civil works starts should be achieved. Detailed engineering studies aim at:

  • Finalizing the network topology.
  • Producing complete detailed quantitative requirements (cables, cabinets, bill of quantities, etc.).
  • Incorporating all specific constraints in relation with the area to be deployed.



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