FTTx Network Planning Methodology



The Setics Sttar Software plays a central role in the design methodology of optical networks developed by Setics for public and private FTTH networks.

Setics Sttar customers feed the software with cartographic data about available infrastructures about buildings to be connected with optical fiber. 
The results produced by Setics Sttar can then be used in techno-economic modeling tools and GIS tools in order to produced detailed maps.


Optimization Process with Setics Sttar

Methodology FTTx network planning with Setics Sttar

Step 1:    GIS data are collected and validated

Step 2:    Available infrastructure and localization of households and/or business premises are loaded

Step 3:    Automatic Network design (FTTH, FTTC or other variants) parameters are defined

Step 4:    Optimized network satisfying engineering rules and constraints is produced


Setics Sttar : The FTTH network design software in a Business Case !

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