Setics Sttar Advanced Designer

High Level Design to Detailed Design made easy


Advanced Designer: covering Detailed Design

This version of Sttar (shipping Q1 2018) allows to mix the best of design automation with the ability to manually modify  the design at hand to take into account the constraints that are difficult to fully handle with an automation engine.

Setics Sttar Advanced Designer is still the tool of choice when it comes to undertake a high level design of a network, wether for costing purposes or as the first stage of a deployment project.

Setics Sttar Advanced Designer includes a number of innovation that makes possible to fine tune a network design, while benefiting from the design automation engine as far as possible before finalizing a low level design.



The products includes the following major functions:

Powerful Design Automation functions:                                                                   
Modular and extensible architecture:                                                           
  • Extended engineering rules for complex network modelling
  • Multi-level differentiated settings
  • Very fast algorithms
  • API and embeddable engine for integration
  • 64-bits kernel architecture
Embedded map with editing functions:
  • Work on smaller zone with greater precision                                       
  • Supports manual changes on design
  • Very fast and efficient tuning iterations
  • Excel reports, cabling diagrams and more
  • Multiple GIS format supported

Defining project properties

Definition of the passive architecture

Definition of the cabling parameters

Result of design automation

Vizualisation of the result

Modification of design in the map

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