Setics Sttar for FME


► What is FME ?

FME is a highly used environment for conceiving treatments on spatial data based on chaining transformations (called Transformers). As standard, FME includes hundreds of Transformers allowing to create and manipulate numerous GIS data formats and read and write them to many different data storage systems.

FME is a product from Safe Software, have a look to this page to know more about FME.

► What is Setics Sttar for FME ?

Setics Sttar is integrated as a Transformer in the FME environment and can then be chained with other treatments leading to reusable complex treatments. It’s also a good way to industrialize network studies.

Sttar for FME is based on the product Setics Sttar Batch. With FME, it is possible to achieve chains of treatments that:

  • Include transformations on upstream data feeded to Setics Sttar: infrastructures split, fusion or separation of cartographic layers, etc…
  • Allow to define post-treatments on Setics Sttar output data: data visualization, production of specific Excel files, extraction of network sub-elements,
  • Allow to chained several Setics Sttar instances working on different parts of the network (geographic breakdown or breakdown by network level –  feeder, distribution, drop).

FME processes are, for example, created and used for allowing :

  • the industrialization of Setics Sttar repetitive applications to industrialize productions of networks models,
  • the determination of isolated or priority home passed downstream of Setics Sttar, based on various criterion (attributes values, geo-based queries etc.),
  • to carry out geographical splitting/fusions to be done before/after processing with Setics Sttar.

Processus FME

Integration example of Sttar Transformer in the FME environment