Our Vision

Sttar solutions cover the full scope of network studies from Strategic
planning to detailed design based on our products and services

By combining powerful dataflow programming with design automation
we also provide Extended Automated Solutions to implement

full, personalized, end-to-end automated solutions.

We are focusing
on telecom

Setics is a recognized specialist of Telecom Infrastructure for more than 20 years. We are delivering missions in this space from strategic advisory services to design services. Our Design Automation software is grounded in this experience and we are picking up the most advanced mathematical modeling but with an eye on telecom practicality first.

+ AI

Designing a fiber network requires a broad range of competences and experiences. Therefore we deeply think that automation will complement human talent, taking into account the most tedious work, thus freeing human resources to focus on more valuable tasks.


Providing the best possible automation is not just about using the best algorithms it is also about making the most of existing data. Therefore we think automation as an end-to-end process from data acquisition and treatment all the way to the production of documentation and upload of data in network management systems.

We use our
software ourselves

Setics is engaged in large and demanding roll-outs of fiber networks in various capacities: assistant to owners, auditor for financing institutions but also as an engineering office designing actual fiber networks. In doing so, our internal teams are relaying on the Setics Sttar design automation software to do their job, thus ensuring it is connected and evolves in close loop to the requirements of the practice.