Consulting Firms



Consulting firms specialized in telecommunications are contracted for the upstream studies in different fields of high broadband communications.

In this context, the deployment of optical fiber is an area which, in the past 10 years has resulted in numerous studies of opportunities and costing.

The market of FTTH deployment approaching a new phase of maturity, consulting firms must change their offers to adapt to this evolution.


The consulting firms are facing the following challenges:

  • Support the maturation of the FTTH market by providing education and services that are more and more technical,
  • Address areas further downstream in the deployment in order to compensate for the downward trend of the number of opportunity studies,
  • Make their positionning more sustainable in the market of FTTH studies.

Sttar Value

Faced with these challenges, Setics Sttar allows engineering firms to:

  • Transition to produce more realistic studies based on Sttar rather than studies based on statistical models that cannot evolve downstream,
  • Address more technical downstream studies avoiding tedious tasks that are not adapted to the profile of their consultants,
  • Create new expertise and offerings in regional planning.



The use of Setics Sttar is a source of many benefits throughout FTTH deployments.

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