Engineering and Civil Work Firms



The engineering offices, whether independent or integrated into civil work companies/networks installers, are involved in preliminary engineering and detailed upstream deployment of FTTH networks.

As every stakeholder in the sector, they are faced with a lack of available skills and the novelty of the technologies of the deployment of optical fiber networks.


Engineering firms are facing the following challenges:

  • Controlling spending associated with responses to tenders issued by Operators and Local Authorities.
  • Differentiate against other engineering offices by the quality of their response.
  • Overcome the lack of trained and available resources to conduct the studies.
  • Optimize the cost of deployment, particularly in the case where they commit to fix price engagements.

Sttar Value

Faced with these challenges, Setics Sttar allows engineering firms to:

  • Save resources in responding to tenders.
  • Do more relevant and better answers by examining several scenarios and working on the data.
  • Differentiate themselves by emphasizing their expertise, being released from the tedious aspects supported by Setics Sttar.
  • Find optimal solutions for phases during deployment by the inclusion of ground data and by recalculating the network with Setics Sttar.



The use of Setics Sttar is a source of many benefits throughout FTTH deployments.

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