Several million FTTH homes passed planned

Since 2011, Setics Sttar has been used in many engineering studies, network design and optimization projects for optical fiber networks. To date, several million FTTH homes passed were designed with Setics Sttar by and for about 20 clients.


 Thanks to Sttar we could respond in record time to a major RFP on a region with more than 100,000 HPs. In addition, 2 of the 5 designers initially planned for the response could be reallocated to other tasks. The cost of Sttar was covered on this project alone. After this project we decided to generalize the use of Sttar in response to tenders.
The engineering Director of a large national civil work contractor.
 Sttar allows us to deliver our customers well documented and better quality studies in a timely controlled manner.
The CEO of an independent Engineering Firm.
 Sttar is transforming the way we work with our suppliers of civil engineering. We will take an important step in the control of our budgets for FTTH deployment where Sttar allows us greater control and a more meaningful dialogue with our suppliers, for the benefit of all stakeholders.
The FTTH Deployment Manager of a large telco operator.