Telco Operators



Telco Operators obey different models according to their degree of  infrastructure integration. Some of them are engaged in the management of the "passive" infrastructure of the network.

This is the case for incubent operators which traditionally own their copper infrastructure as a legacy. In an environment where deregulation is the rule, all "integrated" operators are intended to be positioned on the physical layer of optical fiber networks. In this context, an operator who is engaged in the construction of these new FTTH networks is a potential customer for Setics Sttar.


In this context, these operators are facing the following challenges:

  • Lack of skills: the construction of a physical network of a new type implies the existence of human skills. Most of the skills associated with deploying copper networks have disappeared because this generation is retired. In addition, optical networks implement new technologies that are not fully mastered yet.
  • Need to intelligently deploy the networks to ensure the best return on investment: indeed, the deployment costs are enormous and it is important to target the areas where the appetite for high-speed services will be the strongest.
  • Need to control deployment budgets by optimizing upstream and being able to control sub-contractors performing work downstream.
  • Need to ensure that the network built will meet the requirements of the regulator and follow the engineering rules necessary to build a sustainable, maintainable and able to host the "active" layer of the network.

Sttar Value

Faced with these challenges, Setics Sttar allows operators to:

  • Control and optimize the costs of designing and deploying the network, thanks to its ability to calculate the optimal network.
  • Ensure the industrialization process in network deployment for implementing budgeting processes that are independent of stakeholders, fast and able to ensure consistent quality of the entire network.



The use of Setics Sttar is a source of many benefits throughout FTTH deployments.

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